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Upgrade Your Living Room on Budget

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Living room is the space designed where most of the social part of life takes place at home. Be it family gatherings or binge watching (well most of the time) or simply WFH setup in this pandemic time, our living room is the most trafficked zone of the entire home. If you’re someone who is planning for a makeover under budget constraints or just wanted to add a new freshness to your living space, you have come to the right place.

Here are few tips and tricks to revamp your living space with minimal budget.

Lapo Elkann blue living room Milan Fiat Heir drawing room lamp sofa coffee table Aztec print large window brixel architecture decor
Lapo Elkann's Milan apartment shows prints in maximal style. Image Courtesy: Architectural Digest

De-clutter your space

An organized living space has place for everything and everything should be in place. So start with de-cluttering of space, get rid of extra showpieces or furniture or that bulky carpet (you can totally use these in other rooms as well). Add furniture with storage such as chest of drawers or coffee table with storage underneath or floating shelves for the extra books, etc. Think creatively to incorporate ideas to make space more welcoming and relaxing.

De-clutter tiding storage furniture revamp living room upgrade space on budget brixel architecture interior design
De-cluttering opens up the space. Courtesy: pinterest

Tip: Add baskets or magazine holder to make space for your books and monthly magazines issue.

Paint it up

A fresh coat of paint can itself lift up the whole mood of the space. You can either paint the whole room or just the accent wall; the difference would be clearly visible. You can add drama to the room with contrasting colors of walls and ceiling or floor, different wall colors or can just pop of color to the ignored corner of the room.

Indian decor paint blue living room south indian decor accent wall uprade drawing room brixel architecture
Bold Color on accent wall compliments with the furniture while highlighting art pieces. Courtesy: TECD blog

Tip: If you have little artistic bug, you can paint mural or desired pattern to bring exclusivity to the space like in the picture above.

Bring your Greens in

Plants are the great way to accessorize the space without spending much. You can add them to your coffee table, near couch or TV unit. You can add height to your space; bring freshness and fragrance indoor thus making overall space lively. Which plant to choose, what are the options available, their care and decor; read it here.

indoor plants accessory upgrade living room revamp space life brixel architecture budget
Plants bring out the life in this monochrome living space. Courtesy: Pinterest

Tip: If you are have busy schedule and not able to take care of them, opt for fake ones which does not need attention at all.

Rearrange your furniture

Rethink your living room furniture arrangement, what can be removed or added, which furniture can be swapped. Does side table from bedroom can replace existing one or sofa can be rearranged with entryway bench to open up the space? Think about the functionality of furniture pieces and how they all can reflect your personal style which can inspire and revitalize the space. You can totally refurbish the old ones to bring more vintage vibes.

revamp living room furniture rearrangement of decor pieces brixel architecture
Different rearrangement of furniture in the same space give discrete vibes.

Tip: You can paint any furniture piece with bold color to be the hero of the decor.

Transform your soft furnishing

Changing your drapes or upholstery instantly give new look and feel to the room. You can play with color, size, shapes and texture of it to amp up the space. Sheer curtains allow natural lights without compromising privacy. Cushions are the most versatile item of the list to add drama. You can even add floor cushions for extra seating or bright colored cushions to boring sofa a happy face lift.

Soft furnishing blue living room mosaic floor brixel architecture upgrade decor
Soft furnishing can change the whole game of decor instantly. Courtesy Etsy

Tip: Contrasting furniture pieces are trendy these days, so if you’re planning to change upholstery of your sofa, select varied color.


Accessory play vital role in reflecting the vibe and style of decor. From walls to floors to ceiling as well as furniture, every surface needs touch of the glam that accessories provide.

For walls- Bring your memories or artistic hobby to the gallery wall (can use crockery, pictures, arts, sculpture, etc.). You can opt wall paneling or customized wallpaper on accent wall or simply hand paint arts or stencil directly to wall surface. Adding light fixture to highlight arts/accent wall or simply wall scones for bringing that moody tone to the space.

gallery wall accessory living room decor brixel architecture tan and green room
Galley wall is an interesting way to showcase your art. Courtesy: pinterest

For Ceiling- Adding hanging lights can instantly make space more interesting. You can totally paint ceiling in bold color or pattern to highlight.

checkered floor rust ceiling upgrade living room brixel architecture
This rust color ceiling is beautifully complemented by checkered floors. Courtesy: pinterest

For Floors- Rugs are the most complicated accessory which can tone up or down entire decor. Most important tip to consider while selecting rug/carpet is the weather of the place. Opt for natural fibers like jute, sheepskin than artificial one and try to stick to the complimenting tones with furniture. Floor lamps, planters accolades with every decor styles.

blue paneled accent wall leather coffee table upgrade living space brixel architecture interior design
Paneled wall, leather coffee table, light rug- every piece is contrasting yet complimenting.

Add candles, books, showpieces, fresh flowers, lamps to add life to the overall aesthetic. You can totally DIY pieces as per yours creativity and showcase your style. Mix and match prints, texture, color as you like after all its your happy place- its your Home!

bohemian decor desi style indian living room budget upgrade brixel architecture interior design
Home is where our personal style reflect through every piece, every corner. Courtesy: pinterest

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