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Indoor Plants: Accessories of Interior Design

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

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Indoor Plants Accessories of Interior design plant greenery urban jungle balance harmony brixel.in

When you feel a little low, it's amazing how delightful a walk in the park can be. That's because we reduce mental exhaustion and stress while increasing relaxation and self-esteem when we come in contact with nature. Even a brief susceptibility to nature has been shown to make us more virtuous and cooperative. Pollution levels are on the rise on planet earth and if you live in a busy, dense city, you witness pollution every day. It affects our hair, our skin, and most of all, the air we breathe. Pollution isn't just outside; it’s even at the places we called ‘home’ or ‘work’.

“Studies have proven that indoor plants improve concentration and productivity (by up to 15%), reduce stress levels, and boost your mood.”

Indoor plants serve a functional and aesthetic purpose, and will enhance life. Indoor plants are a perfect choice for those with little space for outdoor garden, or for those living in hot and humid climates like India. To create your perfect green haven, it's worth spending a bit of time researching the plants are best suited to sustain them for each space and type of environment, and we are here to help.

Parineeti Chopra Mumbai Brixel.in Architecture Interior House plant Urban jungle Indoor plants
Parineeti Chopra's Mumbai Apartment; Image Courtesy:Architectural Digest

The ones who bloom

Peace Lily brixel.in
Peace Lily; Courtesy: Pinterest

Peace Lily:

One of the few indoor houseplants that blooms throughout summer with nice fragrance, Peace Lily gives the right amount of freshness to overall vibe whether its coffee table or work desk. Keep the plant in shady areas and keep the soil moist without over-watering. This plant has a high transpiration rate, thus humidify the surrounding area. It filters out benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, trichloroethylene, toluene and ammonia from surroundings.

Chrysanthemum Brixel.in Indoor plant Interior Urban jungle
Chrysanthemum; Courtesy: Ikea


Commonly known as Guldawari , this plant has variety of available colors. Chrysanthemum loves indirect bright sun with a little moist soil therefore corner nooks or consoles near windows are the ideal spots for these beautiful to bloom. It flower season starts in late summers till early winters. This plant removes formaldehyde, xylene, trichloroethylene, toluene and ammonia but is toxic to pets, when consumed by them.

Brixel.in Interior blog house plant desert rose centre piece
Desert Rose plant as center piece

Desert Rose:

The Adenium Desert Rose is known for its flowers and a swollen succulent stem depending on the variety and pruning. It needs full sun with well drained succulent mix and bloom twice a year. So your balconies, window ledges, entryways make perfect place to accessories these plants.

gerbera house plant indian home colourful flower indoor plant brixel.in
Gerbera Plant; Courtesy: Pinterest


Gerberas are often self-cultivated plants throughout tropical and temperate regions and have 30 varieties of flowers. Should be planted in late winters after the bloom in areas where it would receive full to partial sun, with well-drained soil. Soil enriched with vermiculite and manure would help to grow extremely fresh Gerberas. Place Gerberas near that window seat or balcony table to enhance vibe of space.

One with the palms

Palm tree umbrella palm house plant urban jungle indoor garden interior brixel.in
Umbrella Palm

Umbrella Palm:

The umbrella palm leaves are wide, almost circular in shape, partly segmented, and may be 1-2 feet long, emerging from the trunk with rigid, strongly serrated, solid petioles. The trunk is solid, and not branched. Yellow-green flowers born during early summer in relatively smaller branches brings out contrast of it. It needs lot of lights and less water as being a drought resistant plant. Being a massive plant when fully grown it fills the spaces of dull corners and brings soothing effects.

Areca palm house plant home decor accessories indoor plant interior design brixel brixel.in
Areca Plam; Courtesy: Pinterest

Areca Palm:

With its slender, elegant, feather-shaped fronds, the green beauty adds a tropical feel to your decor and lights up the dull spaces to make it lively. Avoid direct sun and keep the plant drenched just enough to remain moist and humid. If you and your children want to grow up with nature, Areca is one of the best indoor plants. It acts as an air purifier and is found to absorb toxic compounds such as formaldehyde, carbon dioxide and toluene. In addition, areca palms add oxygen to the indoor environment.

Brussels's Pony Tail Palm palm indoor plant green corner brixel brixel.in
Brussels's Pony Tail Palm

Brussels’s Pony tail Palm:

Brussels’s Pony tail Palm or Bottle Palm or Elephant's Foot, due to its bulbous base, is topped with clusters of long , slender, strap-like leaves resembling grass blades that gracefully droop out of the trunk. The Brussels’s ponytail does well either in bright, indirect, or full sun. The palm of the ponytail includes saponin in the leaves, causing irritation when chewed.

Bamboo palm tree indoor plant home decor brixel brixel.in
Bamboo Palm

Bamboo Palm:

Bamboo Palm's deep, lush green leaves also known as reed palm are a treat for the eyes. The leaves are feather-like – thin at the beginning, wider in the middle and thin again at the end. It needs bright indirect light, regular watering and fertilizer to survive. It is child friendly and pet friendly additionally filters out benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde. Young shoots of bamboo palm contain hydro-cyanic acid and are lethal to mosquito larvae. Side tables, corners, etc. are ideal place for these palms.

One where everything is succulents

Succulent terrarium jade plant crassula indoor plants decor brixel brixel.in
Succulents Tray; Courtesy: Pinterest

Crassula Campfire:

This rapidly growing succulent has dark, propeller-shaped leaves that do well in partial sun, but in hotter tropical climates it needs shade. The color is brightest in winter, responding with bright sunlight during the day to shorter, cool nights. May be harmful to humans and animals, and is dormant in summer, it requires sandy well drained soil. These plants look best on small pots as center pieces as well as in terrarium.

Jade plant Feng-shui Auspicious Indoor plant greenery brixel.in brixel
Jade Plant; Courtesy: Pinterest

Jade Plant:

The Jade Plant is an evergreen with thick branches with thick, glossy, smooth, dark green leaves which grow along the branches in opposing pairs. Plant requires diffused sunlight and well drained succulent mix for proper growth. The jade is a good choice especially for those lacking a green thumb.

It is considered auspicious in feng-shui as well as looks simply beautiful, and brings to every location an aspect of nature and warmth.

Succulents indoor garden home decor brixel.in
Above: Coleus Coerulescens

Coleus Coerulescens:

Known as Makandi locally this succulent which need diffused sunlight and water once in few days. Popular gifting plant in terrariums, fairy gardens with hardy beautiful texture as well as drought resistant property, Makandi plant is easiest for beginner plant parent.

Succulent tray with coleus crassula brixel.in brixel
Succulent tray with coleus, crassula and others.

The one who climbs or trails

Money plant Indoor plant house plant interior brixel brixel.in
Various types of Money Plant; Courtesy: Pinterest

Money Plant:

Pothos, Devil’s Ivy, Silver Vine, etc. are the various name of most popular indoor plant of India. Around 7 different species to choose from money plant can dwell well in both water and soil. The most popular one are golden pothos with golden or yellow splashes in leaves which looks amazing when hanged. They can grow well in any tropical soil and stay green even in absence of lights for few days.

The other variety i.e. marble queen have white/cream as prominent color leaves. They require bright sunlight to maintain its color, with same soil components as others. Looks best near windows or hanged in balconies. Famous for its variegation, shimmery silver color patterns over green leaves the silver is also known as satin pothos. They grow well in indirect diffused sunlight, which makes them best for growing indoors.

Another popular one with broad leaves is the Swiss cheese money plant, owing to the beautifully variegated and shiny leaves with a perforated pattern like cheese. It is a climber that you can grow in your house both indoors and outdoors in bright but indirect sun. The most common Jade pothos needs little attention, and can survive even under dry conditions. This plant's dark green, heart shaped leaves separate it from other varieties.

Indian Decor Traditional Indian home money plant God Indoor Decor temple brixel brixel.in
Marble Queen Money plant in traditional Indian decor
Flame Vine climber fiery indoor interior design house plant brixel.in brixel
Flame Vine

Flame Vine:

A rapidly growing wooded climber who flowers with numerous orange-red flowers during winter and spring is the flame vine or golden shower climber. The tip of every branch forms a bundle of 15-20 flowers, providing its distinctive 'fiery' look. Frequent watering and full to partial sunlight promote the steady growth of this evergreen climber.

String of pearl climber creeper indian home decor interior brixel brixel.in
String pearls plant

String Pearls Plant:

String Pearls Plant is a fantastic indoor plant and is one of the simplest to grow in any climate conditions. These belong to the family of Senecios, which are string beaded plants, perfect for indoors. They do very well as a houseplant as they withstand and grow in dry indoor air spaces. You need to take proper care that you don't put them close to a glass door or a window because they don't need heat all day also too much water rot the roots.

Monstera indoor plant climber house plant decor interior space accessory brixel brixel.in
Monstera Plant


The Monstera is a beautiful creeper and is valued for its massive cut leaves and stems lined with aerial roots. The variegated shape is really spectacular too. What's more, it doesn't need much maintenance and can easily grow indoors.

The ones you can eat

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is a plant that grows well in tropical climates around the world. This short-stem plant is well known for its agricultural, decorative, and medicinal purposes, also increases the consistency of the indoor air by removing formaldehyde and benzene is termed as ‘Miracle plant’. Aloe Vera has fleshy leaves with a gray-green hue. Some variants also come in with white flecks. It requires less sun and water only when soil feels dry and is relatively resistant to most insect pests.

Aloe vera plant herbal medicinal skin and hair air purifier indoor plant brixel brixel.in
Aloe Plant as therapeutic as well as decor pieces: Courtesy: Houzz
Basil plant Italian cuisine indoor plant herbal garden brixel brixel.in
Sweet/Italian Basil Plants


Although basil grows best outdoors, it can be grown indoors in a pot and, like most herbs, near a sun-facing window. The herbal plant can be cultivated for culinary or ornamental use. The edible form of basil produces a pleasing range of essential oils. The key to how to grow basil successfully is to keep harvesting along with proper drainage. The more you harvest, the more the basil plant grows. Basil plants become bushy when you cultivate and continue to grow more leaves.

Lemon Grass:

Lemongrass is a tropical herb packed with strong citrus flavor. The taste of lemon is prized in Asian cuisine, as well as in teas, sauces and soups. Lemongrass is one of those marvelous plants that taste great, smell amazing, and when you cut it, it grows right back. As a great bonus, you can grow it right from the stalks you buy in the grocery store. Lemongrass spreads and grows to be a few feet tall, so pick a container large enough you can stand in your room. Make sure there are enough drainage holes in it. What best place than a window ledge of kitchen for this plant for fragrance as well as freshness to eyes.

Kitchen garden indoor herb garden lemongrass aloe vera cilantro mint rosemary brixel brixel.in
Typical indoor herb garden consisting: lemongrass, aloe, rosemary, basil, mint, etc

One with the foliage

Rubber Plants:

Rubber plants, officially Ficus Elastica, can be appreciated either as medium-sized house plants or as a pivotal point, beautiful indoor tree. If you're patient enough to grow your particular one, plants that continue to grow younger when you buy them are better suited to living indoors than beginning with a more matured one. They can grow to amazing heights in a couple of years, particularly if you put the plants outside during the summer.

rubber plant indoor house plant shiny medium height home decor brixel brixel.in
A tropical Rubber plant giving elegance to the decor; Courtesy: Houzz
Snake plant bird's nest snake plant silver queen snake plant robusta indoor plant interior brixel brixel.in
Varieties of snake plant to choose from.

Snake Plant:

"Mother in Law 's Tongue," as it is often addressed to, is an ideal indoor plant for a variety of reasons. The Snake plant needs minimal maintenance and, to top it all, has superior air filtration properties. It extracts four out of five toxins and is one of the few plants to absorb carbon dioxide at night. It grows both under bright and low sunlight and can survive dry, weak soil conditions.

Be careful not to over water because their roots are susceptible to rot. It has four major varieties-

a. Bird’s nest Snake plant is a dwarf variety having cream freckles on green leaves ideal for small pots as center pieces.

b. Cylindrical Spear snake plant is narrow leaf light green color variety that grows well in height thus suits in large corner pots.

c. Silver Queen snake plants have yellow lines along the border of leaves making it distinctive among all.

d. Robusta Snake Plant is similar to bird’s nest in appearance but grows larger in size and have narrower leaves.

Dieffenbachia Dumb Cane indoor plant house plant office commercial brixel brixel.in
Dieffenbachia or Dumb Cane Plant


Dieffenbachia or Dumb Cane is one of the simplest to grow indoor plant and perhaps the best way to start indoor gardening. These plants are commonly used by households to adorn their living rooms or patios because of their aesthetics. They thrive very well under indirect filtered light. Some plants need a lot of water because they're tropical in nature. They grow best in humid conditions. They have poisonous leaves, so keep them away from children and pets.


Crotons come in a wide range of leaf shapes and colors. The leaves can be small, broad, twisted, slender, wide and so many of them together. Colors range from red, variegated, yellow, pink, orange, green, cream and black to a mixture of all these colors. It's fair to say that if you search hard enough, you’re going to find a croton that matches your decor. Several varieties of croton require strong light, while others need medium or low light. In general, the more diverse and colorful the croton plant, the brighter light it will require. Being a tropical plant it require ample amount of humidity around.

Crouton croton colourful variety indoor plant interior decor brixel brixel.in
Croton: A wide range of color, shapes to choose from.
Fern foliage cover indoor plant humid cecilia fern calypso maria fern brixel brixel.in


Ferns or Aglaonema are among the oldest species of plants on earth, dating back to prehistoric times. They provide your house with an ornamental attribute with a lush green foliage of leaves. In addition, the remove chemical contaminants from the air and heavy metals, especially arsenic, are also removed from the soil. Because it thrives in low light conditions, it requires moist, well-drained soil with frequent watering. There is a large range of ferns, such as Calypso, Cecilia, Emerald Beauty, Golden Bay, Maria, etc.

Indoor plants accessory interior design element balance brixel brixel.in
Various indoor plants are used to accessorize this space. Courtesy: Houzz

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