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Tricks for setting up a Home Office for better productivity

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

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With almost whole world required to work from home for almost a month, due to the ongoing plight of Covid-19, we had to turn our bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms into pop-up offices. The most productive person will be knocked out of balance by an abrupt transition into home-working. Therefore creating a workspace that keeps you focused and encouraged is not an easy process, particularly when many of us are using makeshift spaces. A dedicated work space is essential to being successful, especially during lockdown. One of the key reasons for this is that you are not confused by a sense of order on which elements to focus on first. This "WFH thing" has taught me that you should feeling like you’re working from an office — rather than the place you spend your weekends recovering from Friday night exploits — is imperative. And a few little changes can go a long way, so here are few hacks from my experience to make most of your quarantine time and even after it.

Pick a good spot:

Ideally, your home office should be peaceful, well lit and with good air circulation. Place your desk in the vicinity of windows or on the balcony or terrace to get enough natural light. A nice view from this spot is the best source of inspiration, too. Make sure that your work station is always close to power outlets, so that devices such as your computers, tables and smartphones can be easily charged.

Brixel, Architecture, Interiors, Home Office Tricks, Table, Chair
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Brixel, Architecture, Interiors, Hacks of setting home office, Studyroom
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Choose the correct furniture:

Based on the space available, your work table will be capable of handling all the work needs without appearing too messy with correct height. If you do not find any tables, attach an optimum dimension of wood plank/board with help of bracket on wall, it will works as perfectly. Same goes in finding the perfect work chair which is like finally meeting “the one.” During lockdown we have to work with the already available resources, so try to work in small stretches and take breaks whenever you feel like.

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Optimize you space:

Organization is the key. An organized place of work helps to increase the clarity and concentration. It also makes finding items like tiny (still very important) notes, or simply your favorite pen, easier. There are many ways to keep the clutter at bay, depending on the type of job you do. This begins with the right combination of storage. You don't just need to rely on real office supplies; consider storing small desk supplies like paper clips, thumbtacks or small things like erasers using available cups and saucers. To keep hold of your papers, you should use old serving parts to stack your notebooks on, antique cake stands for art items.

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Add that pop of color:

As in many places in your house, the right mood should set the stage for your time spent in your home office and the ultimate remedy will be the splash of color. They have the potential to cause both negative and positive emotions, and can also encourage people to work harder. Choosing the best colors for the workplace is important, an aspect that is often ignored when designing spaces. Choose colors that speak to you and for you—not what's trendy. You can add color either by painting office accent wall, shelves, ceiling or using single furniture item or cushions, throws for just a pop of color. Layer your room with a fun rug area — for visual appeal and sound-absorption. You should be influenced by your room – and represent your unique personality. But don't be afraid of going all out.

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Bring the outdoor:

Breathe some life into your office, so you want to work for longer. A nice plant is said to help you remain relaxed and joyful and clean the air as well. Get creative with organizing fauna and appreciate your space, thus striving to form a functional, ergonomic, relaxing and tidy home office. Plants like Snake plant, Pathos, Areca palm, Peace Lilly, Cactus, Varieties of ferns and bamboos, etc. are low maintenance indoor plants which help in spruce up your overall space vibe. Have several aromatic candles nearby that do wonders at the start of each productive day in rejuvenating the spirit.

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Gallery Wall:

A cold, bland home office is a tragic, sad sight to see. Since you'll spend several hours in this room, you want to make sure it's calming, comfortable and inspiring. Attach pieces that ring in inspiration to your office, without distracting you from the tasks at hand. To energize your room and make you feel inspired, fill your office with vivid art, and decorate with images that speak to you. Style a gallery wall against an otherwise neutral wall. Next, you should place them on the surface, shifting the prints about until you achieve the harmonious look you desire. Try holding up your images by removable wall strips, it gives the versatility to change the wall's feel over time.

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