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Interior Design Trends for 2021

Interior Design Trends Style 2021 Architecture Brixel

2020 has been a long year and finally it ended, with pandemic, calamities, controversies and many more. In midst of all the chaos we finally welcome 2021, with new hope, ideas and lot more trends. Although pandemic has been the greatest influence of 2021 interior design that no one asked for. So here we are bringing to you latest ‘ins’ of interior world to jazz your little world of with up-to-date trends.

Color of the year

For the first time in last 22 years Pantone has declared two colors ‘Ultimate gray and Illuminating yellow’ as the color of the year for 2021. The selection of two independent colors highlight different elements come together to express a message of strength and hopefulness. As per speculations this duo would be popular choice in fabrics, paints and accessories thus creating contrast in decor. You can incorporate them through soft furnishing or accent piece in your decor.

pantone ultimate gray illuminating yellow color of the year 2021 brixel interior architecture branding
Pantone Color of the year 2021

Apart from these two cheerful colors like coral, magenta and orange will be in style that is warm and refreshing but not brash. Analogous color palettes will be also seen for seamless incorporation of various moods through color. You can check our blog on color theory here.

color palette magenta coral orange color of the year brixel architecture interior design branding
A warm analogous color palette for living room

Wicker and Rattan

The versatile, durable materials that can jazz up any space without adding a ton of visual weights are just not outdoorsy anymore. From traditional to bohemian to eclectic style or any other style, they can serve you because of its vintage roots and natural feel. Statement pieces whether its chair, headboards, console or anything can be incorporated in space. The main difference between them is wicker is type of weave whereas rattan is material itself, a flexible plant.

wicker rattan cane interior design trend style architecture branding brixel
Wicker dining chair on the formal setting

Industrial Styling/Decor

Industrial style incorporates exposed and raw elements to the decor such as beams, plastered floor, exposed concrete and stone work, high ceilings, wood and metals. This fuss-free style has built around natural and earthly color pallets like rusts, warm green, deep reds, metal grays, etc. Large grid frame windows are reminiscent of factory and warehouses which let lots of lights inside. Add some blooming plants or soft textured rugs to soften and add visual interest to the space. Detailed insight about this type of style will be in our upcoming blog series.

industrial decor style brixel interior design architecture color concrete exposed brick
Raw elements of industrial decor has its own charm.


Antiques, re-purpose, refurbished and retro style are back in business. The idea originated from the existing resources that have to be used rather than buying a new one thus reducing the carbon footprint in our already polluted industry and to evoke nostalgia, comfort and tradition. Strong colors, key pieces and less is more approach gives plenty of contrast giving coherent design of overall aesthetic.

From vintage light pendants to delicate china to antique furniture pieces, should be layered properly to build up the scheme. In process try to take cohesive approach with pieces or it would look like museum or granny’s home.

checkered floor vintage brixel architecture interior branding color refurbished retro
Black & white checkered floors are again in trend.


How much greens are too much green? Well, no plant parent can answer it accurately. Bringing greens in are the trendiest design approach now-a-days as people are more and more bound with concrete envelop, hence finding solace to the eyes and mind as well. Besides plants purify air around, hide any ugly corner as well as increase space design aesthetic by bring life to inert structure. You can use them as blowy blooms on your coffee table or full grown foliage in your balcony or wherever you find to place on the ‘spot’ both real and fake ones. If you are looking for inspiration and information about indoor plants you can find everything here.

dining room table vertical garden plants foliage brixel architecture branding
Vertical gardens are becoming more popular due to lack of spaces in urban setting.

Kitchen Trends

While gray and white kitchens are biding adieu in 2021, greens and blues are becoming trendy. If you want to add drama to the space, green will be your color, both light and dark shades along with carrara marble top. Pastel and nautical blue brings sophistication and elegance whether used on cabinets or back splashes. Use of pendent lights brings out glamorous appeal of the space. Colorful hand painted ceramic tiles may swap clean and uniform tiles back splash, they can be styled in rustic, countryside, etc. decor.

kitchen green marble pendent brixel architecture interior design branding trend
Green kitchens will be the most trendiest thing in 2021.

Home Offices

After pandemic home office really came to spot light and technology has made large corporate office unnecessary in many ways. Some companies even introduced hybrid work-from-home model for their employees. Clean line, crisp and comfortable desk and chair with good light make a perfect home office. To know more hacks for setting up home office without renovation, read it in the blog.

home office pandemic covid desk chair brixel architecture interior design branding
Home office has became the necessity post COVID.

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