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Creating Conversation Nooks at your Home

brixel architecture interior branding conversation nooks cozy blog article

Pandemic has changed dynamics of our lives and priorities. Home is now more than just a habitat but a workplace, makeshift lounge, salons and what not. People are investing to make their home more comfortable, safe and inviting. If you have some awkward space at home why not convert it into cozy conversation nook.

Conversation nook is the well-staged space with comfortable seating for more than two people, a nice way to make your home more inviting and safe space to host. A heartfelt and sincere conversation with friends or family or may be just you unwinding after a long day, a comfortable space other than your usual living room couch or home office is thoughtful outlay.

brixel architecture interior branding conversation nooks cozy home improvement
Image via Pinterest

Where to start

Any vacant corner that offer little privacy whether in living room, near kitchen or in balcony can be considered for these cozy conversation nooks. Avoid spaces that are crammed or have active traffic area. Now that you have selected a space, pick few comfortable chairs or bench or ottomans and set them facing a central spot. Oh the details! Let’s dig in more to pick area and ideas to transform it.

That Window Seat

If your home comprises of large windows that brings in the natural lights, why not use the sun kissed space for the conversation nook. A large bench/chaise with cushions and throws placed along the window gives a lounging experience. Add lamps to create mood lighting for the evenings and end table to place few books or just to hold your coffee mugs/wine glass during tête-à-têtes. Complete the whole area with rug and some planters.

brixel architecture interior branding window seat conversation nook home decor ideas
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Around Bar or coffee station

What would be the best place to have a heartful and conversation over a drink/coffee? Ofcourse a bar! It may or may not involve alcohol but a pub table and some barstools with pendent lights transmute the whole vibe of the space. Add shelved storage to place ingredients of yours drinks whether alcohols or just coffees or both.

brixel architecture interior branding conversation nook cozy bar coffee station
Home bars are the new hangout place. Image via Pinterest
Kitchen counter measures roughly 33"-36" in height whereas pub table runs 40"-42" in height.

Floors to the rescue

The simplest and easiest way to transmogrify a quiet and cozy area is by adding floor seats and cushions. A simple mattress or futons will work as multi-functional seating options and can be arranged in various ways in a space. This is the most affordable option of creating a comfy conversation nook in a home. Compliment the setup with rug and lots of cushions and you will never want to leave the space.

brixel architecture interior branding floor seat conversation nook cozy idea
The subtle way to add more seating in your home

The outdoors

After spending unprecedented time inside, balcony or terrace can be a savior dose of Mother Nature especially in urban setting. There are lot options to choose from, such as swing, bistro setup or simple outdoor lounge. Add green foliage, lights and some knick-knacks to create an interesting vibe to the setup.

brixel architecture interior branding open terrace balcony pergola swing cane furniture seating area conversation nooks
Outdoor spaces offers refreshing vibes
brixel architecture interior branding conversation nooks balcony outdoor space greenary
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Attached to the kitchen

Breakfast counter can be doubled up as an interesting place to host your friends while you do the chores or may be open layout with comfy chair to sit back and relax. This can proved to be a really private space. Choose some comfortable chairs with cushions to make it more welcoming. Add rug underneath and complete it with some end tables and artworks.

brixel architecture interior branding conversation nooks dining area chair coffee bar station pantry
brixel architecture interior branding breakfast counter kitchen bar stools conversation nooks

Utilize the staircase

Stairs can be the tricky areas to transform but with right vision and ample space will turn boring part of your house into something enthralling. If you have big window on landing of stair you can use its sill to make DIY seating area or just add a bench with cushions and planters. Space under the staircase (or may be just adjacent to the flight) can be repurposed as conversation nooks.

brixel architecture interior branding bay window seat landing chandelier conversation nook cozy
brixel architecture interior branding conversation nooks under stair seating sofa cozy flight
There should be at-least 36" clear space for movement when stair is being used.

Conversation nooks are quiet spaces of your home that can witness sincere dialogues between friends, family or even with yourself.

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