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brixel is brick + pixel i.e. architecture plus graphics



"Brixel" is combination of two words, 'Brick' and  'Pixel' . Here Brick represent Architecture and Pixel represent Graphics

Brixel is a visionary studio with outstanding expertise, driven by talented Architects, Interior Designers and Design Innovators.  

Combining spatial design and interpretive graphics seamlessly, Brixel practitioners draw on sophisticated architectural and graphic expertise, a deep understanding of how and who will use a space / product/ service, and powerful, direct, messaging.

A strategy focused on a thorough knowledge of the company or a person for the application of graphics and branding. We think that by the multiple ways that users experience the space and the product or service, and the necessary design attributes that generate a positive experience.

Our Vision

BRIXEL is seen as the leading force for innovation in the Indian design sense, showcasing how design improves the quality of life and solving critical social problems by sustainable architecture and graphic design.

Our Mission

At BRIXEL, it is our mission to provide customer-focused service through our conscientious Architecture and Brand Design practice. Our legacy of loyalty, integrity and excellent customer support is a testimony to this goal, as we aspire towards perfection every day to bring to life the dreams of our valued customers.

Our Values


Design Perfection

We trust in Architecture & Design's incredible ability to affect the standard of life.



Our credibility is at play and our relationships are built on honesty, trust, appreciation and financial integrity. We desire for clients who have faith in the same.



Questioning status quo to navigate new systems and technology, pursuing both old and modern approaches to deliver creative spaces in an experiential manner.


Collaborative work

Communication requires energy. We're iterating with customers, suppliers and contractors in a co-creative phase.


Eco Stewardship

We lead by definition, delivering safe and sustainable services to clients. As designers, we believe in taking action to minimize the human impact on the environment.



We evangelize the influence of architecture and design by coaching, mentoring, engagement in the community and public speaking.

The ultimate measure of value is quality.

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