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5 steps to add winter coziness to your Décor

Winter is here with all its glory and as per current COVID situation and hybrid work culture; more time will be spent inside home than outside. Tis the time for a small makeover to make your space a cozy, warm winter wonderland, luckily we have come up with the simplest list. The key is to use the natural earthy elements, a bit of sunshine, soothing hues of winter and blue with little touch of greenery. Lets decode it in five easy and effective steps towards stunning spaces.

Craft Winter Vignettes around

Use of elements associated with winter like pinecones, mercury glassware, candles/lamps, seasonal flowers, etc. Embellish these on center/side tables or on console or buffet counter in wicker basket or rustic wooden tray as per your existing décor. They subtly link outside chilliness with coziness of insides. Add family picture, incense holder, seasonal snacks/fruits to munch on, to make interesting conversational nooks around these vignettes.

“Craft your own DIY vignette that illustration your personality and taste such as adding your cultural or local elements to create your signatures pieces”.

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Picture credit: Worthing Court

Layering it up

Winter is the best time for layering whether it’s our outfits or our spaces. Area rugs, throws, cushions, bolsters, etc is the practical and functional way to add warmth to the space. Play with different textures like wool, velvet, linen, etc. to give more depth and versatility to the area. Accessorize your furnishing with fun detail like pom-poms, macramé, sequins or maybe digital print of winter element that certainly urge you for winter snuggle.

“If you’re using blower to warm up the space, place some water in open container nearby to balance the humidity around.”

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Texture is great way to add depth to overall aesthetics. Picture credit: Usine Studio

Winter color palette

Winter white, silver, lighter shades of blue colors are used as winter prerequisite. To make a visual impact use an accent color like greens (sage, olive, emerald, forest green, etc), reds (ruby, wine, burgundy, etc), brighter shades of blues (navy, cobalt, indigo, etc.). Colors help to make a connection between outdoor and indoor environment hence balancing warmer textures, accents and visuals with colder ones.

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Pop of colors with winter hues. Picture credit: Chloe Tsai

Add living features

Seasonal flowering plants such as dahlia, carnations, petunia, latana, winter lilies, etc make beautiful living bouquets as well as color to otherwise gloomy winter. Place them in your balcony/ open terraces or indoor areas that receive direct sunlight. In addition your regular greens like snake plant, aloe vera, zz plant, etc would brighten up the space with their greenery and texture.

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Greens can make any season and space cheerful. Picture credit: Pinterest

Balance with light and smell

Lamps emitting warm white light create a cozy and convivial ambience hence layer them at different vertical levels in form of pendent/ceiling, table and floor lamps. Candles further add layer of warmth and mood lighting which itself is a décor accent comes in metallic, ceramic or other natural finishes. Scents enhance total vibes of these settings, talk about citrus, floral, woody, cinnamon, coffee which is season staples. Scented candles having winter notes or good old incense sticks or fresh flowers are the best trick to transform any space without fail.

“Use terracotta finish candle/incense holder for earthy, metallic for festive, pastels for chic look.”

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Picture Credits: Yankee Candles
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Picture credit: Status Living

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