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Guiding Brand Strategies during COVID-19 Pandemic

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

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With its unparalleled effect on travel, retail and everyday life, the coronavirus has sparked many key market trends, leading more people to stream media and to rely on e-commerce than ever before. Even after signs of a return to normalcy, the lasting marketing impact will also be important, and may enshrine brand intent. Would any challenging times disclose a brand's true character? Faced with the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and subsequent disruption in almost all sectors of industry, how could a brand's choices expose its essence or true personality, improve or harm its relationship with stakeholders or even turn it?

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People demand that brands not only offer better selves but also a better society. All this notion of the public and culture, among others, is a modern brand ethic. It will mark a paradigm shift for industries to step away from the personal and towards the public. We'll explore some leading approaches that can help people promote their personal and business brands from here on.

Consumers depend on Value, Trust and Commitment:

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First, it is crucial to know what your target demographic is, and the best way to attract their attention. Social networking is one of the fastest ways to achieve the exposure. Wherever you are in the social media world it's easy to reach. 70% of consumers want reassurance from brands, particularly those they feel dependent on; only 8% of consumers feel that ads should be stopped. So, now isn't the time to keep invisible. Marketing the brands on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. is very advantageous at this stage and really cost-effective. A survey in India, which assessed the rise in social media use after the lockdown, showed an 87% increase compared to the week before the lockdown.

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Good products are great. Good values are greater:

It's vital that you don't lose your existing customers' attention and connect to them at a deeper level — a value-driven level. Strengthen the brand values- your purpose and ethics. How that makes a difference. One important aspect is branding automation. The use of custom emails or text messages helps to generate six times more revenue. Some examples are personalized product reviews, e-mail updates and gift cards. This method is coupled with low-cost input, and the software does most of the work, which in turn reduces the need for employees. Another technique to maintain your existing customer base is to attract them through reduced sales prices while maintaining a level of quality. Examples include the introduction of small sales, free shipping, bonuses, grand plans, lucky draws, buy-on-one-free goods.

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Easy and Hassle-free Accessibility:

Right digital marketing tools are the ideal way to have faster and easier access. A significant proportion of the population owns smartphones, and mobile apps ensure you have 24/7 access to a device that is in constant possession of them. This makes sure your business is on their mind through notifications. The company can generate revenue through in-app purchases, advertisements, and promotions.

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While we are discussing digital marketing, ensuring the business has its own personalized website is highly advisable. The website should have a clear statement of mission, should be presentable, should have excellent performance, reasonable speed and should have reliability.

Review and Trust:

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Any business' success is inevitably based on customer satisfaction. When customers are happy with the service offered, they will transmit a positive picture to those around them. Positive word-of-mouth plays an important role in marketing your products and services especially when people stay connected through social networking. Another factor is the positive feedback shared on various platforms. These reviews show that your intent as a company is legitimate. Live sessions with the general public have also been shown to be useful in branding. This allows direct communication with customers and gives you the ability to promote your business vocally at a higher standard.

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It's hard to survive during this pandemic, but you shouldn't lose concentration on your goals. It's important to stay connected with ways to make your enterprise thrive. These are challenging times, and they need you to remain vigilant. It should be noted that your health and safety is a key component of your performance. Don't forget about your goals and priorities, and take each action carefully in the right direction.Taking the right kind of plan is going to ensure that you remain safe from this economic downturn. Some brands can also see a net positive effect as customer behavior shifts in response to this pandemic. The aim is to deal with adaptability and versatility until this situation has passed.

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