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Brixel has one of India's finest graphic design teams, putting its innovation, ingenuity, and technologies at the hands of its graphic designers to meet the graphic design objectives of its customers.

Design evolves continuously, new ideas arise and old ideas return repoliated. We don't want you to ride a design pattern that disappears into darkness or become obsolete by never adapting; we aspire to put you where your projects are up-to-date, appropriate and ideal for both you and your clients. Graphic design is our brilliance. We'd love to use it so you can stand out with yours.

Our Graphic Design Services

  • Print Design

Our talented designers create posters / banners, signage / billboards, leaflets / flyers, stickers / labels, magazines / journals, promotional - marketing materials and merchandise.

Specific product features and packaging, deliver message and visual representation of the exclusive image of the brand.

  • Digital Illustration

Original designs by Brixel are grounded in painterly and drawing-based artwork for effects imitating traditional wet or dry images.

  • Motion Graphics

Communicate messages with 2D/3D details of immersive design to display website menus, sites, logos and multimedia.

  • Promotional Design

Influence consumers and create a powerful profile on social networking, digital platforms, and exhibitions.

  • PowerPoint Presentation and Visualization

Visualisation for decision-making processes. Brixel shows statistical details in PPT and is conveniently consumable.

  • Poster Design

Brixel's concepts boldly pose marketing ideas with the correct colour, font and style to create exclusive poster designs.

  • Trade Show Graphics

Brixel specializes in the designing of display items, graphic designs for trade shows, and designs for exhibition stands.

  • Brochure Designs

    To captivate the customers' interest and at the same time keep them inquisitive, we offer graphic design for the design of brochures that are suitable for travelogues.

  • Banner Designs

    When you need banners that pique customers' attention in a CTA(Call To Action) immediately, you need our graphic design services to help our professionals create an interactive banner that taps on them. Our efficiency is what makes us a respected provider of India's best graphic design services.

  • Flyer Designs

    If you need flyers that make people read without crumbling the piece of paper, we'll fill your need for a flyer design with high-quality graphic design services.

  • Packaging Design Services

    It can be difficult to build a packaging that lets customers purchase the stuff. This needs outstanding product design know-how and understanding. Both can be found at Brixel because we have innovative professionals that use design software to render a full success of the marketing campaign.

  • 3D Product Packaging Design Services

    The next move in targeting customers who have somewhat different preferences from product manufacturers is the 3D product packaging concept. It's where we get to learn what the customer wants and we deliver 3D projects at an affordable cost.

  • Label Designs

    If you need memorable and suitable label designs to draw attention to your items, we've got you covered. Our label designs will encourage you to speak to customers directly without being too salesy.

  • Book Layout Design Services

    It will enhance the book layout designs to cater to customers. As a consulting firm in top graphic design, we create graphics that help you get the books sold faster.

  • Hoarding Design Services

    If you need an appealing hoarding to grab customers eye, we provide graphic design services offshore that will help you get top quality hoarding design no matter where you are in the shortest period.

  • Logo Clean up

    Need logos where all media look great? Choose a logo clean up service from us. We improve the render to feel it exciting across digital and print media.

  • Infographic Design

    Flooding information in paragraphs may lead readers to easily disengage themselves from the context. It is here where we come in. Through fusing details and visuals, we help you hold them attentive to the material to build effective infographic content.

  • Menu Design

    Also if you are tired and on a tight budget, we can do tastefully designed menus that are genuinely tailor-made for company. Our graphic design department has the strongest front-end experience to render the website more engaging and enlivening.

  • Other Graphic Design Services

    Many graphic design consulting firms don't match what we deliver in terms of consistency or price and through knowing the intent we produce unique designs for various specific uses. We also provide following graphic designs for-

    • Website Designs

    • Animated Logos

    • Letter-Head Designs

    • Print & Stationery design

    • Advertising Designs

    • Layout and Formatting

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