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Brixel is a recognized source of furniture design services. We have the correct end of furnishing design for commercial as well as residential purposes. We appreciate the beauty that brings to the ambience of healthy furnishings. At Brixel, with our successful team in place, we have reliable approach that can tailor the best concepts for you. With their originality and poise, our designs will generate the required impacts.

Good value for money

We provide home furniture design services in cost-effective forms to provide you with a detailed project execution approach according to your budget constraints and goals.

Our Furniture Design Services

Our designers can help you visualize your custom furniture designs

It can be the designs that we will customize for you according to your preference. You can conveniently do so with our Brixel Furniture design services whether you can identify your specific need or are willing to get a particular design. Our professional designers are able to build the designs ideally tailored to your home requirements. We need an evaluation of your home interiors to get an understanding of what kind of furnishings will suit the space. If you go to purchase from the stores some ready-made furnishings, it will not match in with your space design and interiors. So, designing your furnishings according to your house is quite important, and we will do this for you.

Popular furniture design styles:

There are a number of different furniture types to choose from for use in your space. When you are already in the process of designing furniture, understanding the variations between types of furniture will be helpful.


In the very least, vintage furniture needs to be over 100 years old. And while you can't craft antique furniture technologically, you can locate and clean parts in shops. Antique furniture is nowadays extremely popular. Antique parts are mainly crafted of wood because of their age, and also contain specific features.


Traditional design blends three historical styles: Queen Anne, Chippendale and Sheraton. Traditional furniture comes with sleek style, classic ornamentation, straight lines, and tapered legs.


It's still an old furniture, although it's newer than antique furniture, which has typically been seen recently. It absorbs and represents the mood of the period from which it emerged.


Rustic furniture has a warmth to it, and as soon as you reach the space you feel relaxed and welcome. Rustic parts use earthy hues, are frequently overdimensional, and have a historical aspect. Typically they're crafted from natural materials such as wood, linen, cotton or fur.

Retro design

Many people mistake retro as antique furniture but they are really special. Retro design may represent any time of history, but in general retro items are regarded as obsolete and out of style. Its chic singularity makes it famous with some people.

Modern furniture

Modern furnishings are monochromatic and compose of items such as steel, plastic, leather and vinyl. It is a descendant of Modernist movement of the early 1900s.


As used in ordinary speech and writing, the terms contemporary and modern are synonyms but when used in conjunction with furniture, they are clearly two very distinct types. While modern design of furniture is based in the early 1900s, contemporary furniture was recently or in the immediate past. While made of non-traditional materials, it is usually minimalistic and has elegant lines.

The rewards of investing in 3D furniture design:

For several sectors, three-dimensional modeling has changed the game. From automobiles to high-rise buildings, 3D design can help businesses save money and sell their services more effectively. The invention of CAD technology has also helped furniture design. So, what are the benefits to your business of investing in 3D furniture design? 

Through our network of experienced product designers and creative CAD specialists, take advantage of the cutting-edge CAD design technologies for designer furniture. Not only can our experts assist you in creating your 3D furniture concept, they can also generate CAD files ready for prototyping or coordinating digital production. These modern technologies make the production of designer furniture cost-effective for companies of all sizes and accessible to creative people who are unsatisfied with what the market has to offer. Our CAD design experts are specialized in creating manufacturing-ready 3D printable models, making the transition from the design phase to production easier than ever.

We also offer crowdsourced design competitions, if you're interested in crowdsourcing. You pick the award, then choose the winners! Simply pay for the designs you want from a selection of submissions.

Get a quote now, and connect to the best product designers and CAD services across the globe.

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