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BRIXEL is one of the leading online architecture consultancy providing a range of professional services in construction, engineering & interior design. Since our beginnings, our mission has been to deliver a comprehensive set of solutions to customers in India and abroad that will help them grow their project exactly the way they imagined it.

Our Architectural Services

Brixel has gained a reputation for providing high-quality, competent, and economical services. We agree that each project is specific and that the style of consultant in architecture they need must be specific at all. This is one of the key reasons why we deliver personalized, tailor-made services to growing customer.

         BRIXEL provides a range of options, as set out below:

1. Master Planning: 
Our approaches for strategic planning include the evaluation, budget and designing of existing and new sites. We also design incremental approaches according to the timeline, budget and priorities of the project.

2. Residential & Commercial Building Design: 
Using the latest architecture software and technologies with our team of the industry's finest architects & interior designers, we produce layout design, design development, architectural plans, and construction documentation to ensure the project's objectives are achieved.

3. Interior Designing: 
We agree that good interior design is an aspect that transcends all external architectural areas.
The workplace environments should be built to improve the productivity and morale of staff. Commercial and retail environments with the correct design features will contribute to improved overall consumer service which can lead to higher revenue and foot traffic.
Residential homes can profit from nice color palettes, designs of furniture and placement, and types of flooring that will characterize the mood and environment of any house.

4. Renovation / Remodeling:
When it is originally built, the general architecture of every building can be just correct for the intended purpose. This is the whole aim of architectural design being good. The trick to good remodeling is to employ an architect for the renovation of an existing space – either internally or externally.A residential home may need the new kitchen or living area, or may need rooms that are combined or split as a young family expands over the years. Perhaps it's time for the warm summer months to refresh the exterior with a new roof, too.Remodeling of commercial buildings may be required as retail tenants shift, move out or expand. It is a good idea to work with a professional architectural design company while making changes to current projects.Industrial structures often most certainly experience remodeling. When manufacturing new products, whole sections of plant floor space need to be changed, and office environments also need to adjust as well to suit the demands of a company as it grows.

5. Landscape Architecture Design: 
We offer Landscape Architecture designs for townships, housing, parks, gardens, resorts, hotels, colleges, hospitals, street ways, walkways, etc. in such a manner that the natural scenery and the appeal of nature will prevail.

6. Site Selection and Evaluation: 
Comprehensive site-related reports and analysis on any level such as existing site conditions, services, zoning, topography, infrastructure, toxic and geotechnical waste remediation, native plant safety, archaeological clearance, flood fields, topography and structures.

7. Construction Administration: 
Our architectural practice also specializes in the full management of residential and commercial building sites to ensure progress is achieved in compliance with the specifications and the plans. Our service lets all interested stakeholders ensuring that the goals of the project are met on schedule and on budget. (this service is limited to limited area only).

Types of Projects: 
Brixel has a very broad and diverse experience handling projects of every type, as listed below: 


  • Residence- Houses / duplex/  bungalow / Villa

  • Group Housing / Township design

  • High-end Cottages and Villas

  • Institutional Buildings ( schools, colleges & university campus)

  • Hotels / Motels

  • Low Cost Housing

  • Amusement park / Water park

  • Resort Design

  • High-Rise Apartments

  • Hospital and healthcare building design

  • Shopping Malls / Commercial Buildings / Showrooms

  • Gyms / Spas

  • Corporate Office Buildings

  • Restaurants / Cafes / Bars

  • Marriage Garden / Banquets 

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