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3D modelling is the method of creating a three-dimensional object's conceptual model. 3D artists can create incredibly realistic models by using advanced 3D modeling tools, which can be presented as 2D images (or renderings) or explored as complete 3D simulations. While 3D design can be a beautiful art form in itself, it is also an incredibly useful resource for contemporary product design and manufacturing.

3D models are highly useful techniques in architectural design and architecture, where high-quality rendering photorealistic effects act as spectacular promotional resources and a proof of concept.

Our 3D - CAD Design Services

With a broad variety of uses, our extensive, professional 3D modeling and animation services are open to entrepreneurs and companies. 3D Design Technology is a versatile resource that lets inventors bring their concepts to life, from innovative concept design to investor presentations and 3D walk-throughs. 3D Modeling is also an integral part of product design, from the creative stage to development to marketing materials.

3D modeling for product development

To all 3D design projects, precise modeling is important. Sometimes, our designers partner with clients to create functional 3D versions of their creations to further map out the form the product would actually take in actual life. Seeing how an concept will appear in a 3D world rather than just an image on paper is an important phase in the creative process. A visual depiction of the prototype can help you recognize challenges and opportunities for improvement early on, which can act as a reference until prototyping starts.

BRIXEL designers have considerable expertise and understanding of both 3D technologies and stringent manufacturing and prototyping specifications. Our designers recognize the manufacturing process and are specialists in designing 3D models that are designed for fast manufacturing and 3D printing, allowing transfer from concept to development simpler for inventors than ever. Then we can create STL files which can be brought straight to a 3D printer.

3D design for marketing tools and investor presentations

If you are a real estate developer or a board game designer, it's always necessary to have investors financial support before you have to reach too far into your own pockets. 3D models and animations are cost-effective marketing tools which help you to clearly communicate your product's importance. If a picture is worth a thousand characters, with a practical 3D render it would be worth a million. Complex algorithms produce extremely compelling simulations of light, darkness, and reflection that can render a picture look as natural as the outside of your window. Whenever the goal is absolute realism, the way forward is 3D rendering.

A range of 3D design applications

3D modelers are useful in a wide variety of sectors, and 3D models are used in all kinds of applications. They have been omnipresent in the movie business, in film and television as well as in games and animation. 3D models are highly useful devices in interior design and architecture, where high-quality rendering photorealistic effects act as spectacular promotional methods and a proof of concept. In the medical industry, 3D models are widely used both in the design of new medical devices and in educational resources which give realistic anatomical depictions.

The value of 3D modeling design will only continue to expand as digital manufacturing innovations continue to evolve. A professional 3D designer for every design project is a valued commodity. By linking you to pre-qualified, top-ranking team of CAD designers, BRIXEL takes the guesswork out.

3D Modeling for Real Estate

Besides the game development and automobile sectors, real estate is another area where 3D modeling is implemented heavily. Think about the last time you were driving past a construction area. You have undoubtedly witnessed a sign showing what the building would actually look like after it's finally finished. That is one of the primary uses in the real estate industry for 3D modeling. Real estate companies will often work with designers to create photorealistic 3D designs that will look like potential commercial or residential projects in the future.

To create high quality architectural models, designers use programs such as Autodesk Revit, Autodesk 3ds Max, Google SketchUp, Customyspace and VectorWorks with a mantle V-ray rendering engine. These can be detailed exterior renderings, eye-catching interior settings with well-placed furniture, or landscape shots which integrate the natural horizon around the construction.

In addition to interior and exterior views, in conjunction with architectural renderings, 3D modeling is used to create 3D walkthroughs / flythroughs, virtual tours, and aerial shots that can be superimposed on existing drone footage.

In the real estate business, 3D modeling may also be used to build signage and promotional posters, aid to keep investors on board and insure that any errors are found and treated in advance. Large investment and effort goes into real estate ventures, and 3D modeling will help guarantee that the resources spent in such ventures are utilized and managed properly.

If you are interested in crowdsourcing, post a Design competition for crowdsourcing. Leverage our designer community's imagination, evaluate several submissions and just pay for winning entries.

Whatever your 3D modeling design project is for, we have the CAD skills you need to achieve your objectives. Bring the idea to the next stage with Brixels's 3D CAD modeling services. Get a quote now, and link to our world-class 3D modeling services.

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